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Summer’s Cutting Oral Cycle

100 tabs of Anavar 10 mg each, 100 tabs of Halotestin 10 mg each, 60 tabs of Proviron 50 mg each.

This is a potent cutting/hardening and strength cycle. A combination of Anavar and Halotestin in the cycle causes a dramatic increase in strength and they affect the muscles to look bigger and fuller. Proviron on the other hand improves the synthesis of protein and definition of solid muscles.

Week 120 mg / day 50 mg / day
Week 220 mg / day 50 mg / day
Week 330 mg / day 50 mg / day
Week 430 mg / day 50 mg / day
Week 520 mg / day20 mg / day50 mg / day
Week 620 mg / day30 mg / day50 mg / day
Week 7 40 mg / day50 mg / day
Week 8 30 mg / day50 mg / day

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    Prior to anabolic steroid use always consult a qualified physitian and do regular blood tests.
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