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Growth Hormone - Humantropin 10 IU
Growth Hormone - Humantropin 10 IU
Company  British Dragon
Humantropin HGH is a growth hormone. It works by stimulating growth in patients who do not make enough natural growth hormone.

Package Price Buy
10 vials of 10 IU each 447,48 USD
394,68 USD

New Products from Asia Pharma

Asia Pharma is established pharmaceutical company for production ofgeneric pharmaceutical products in compliance with a WHO-cGMPguidelines. The following products have been added to our Shopping list recently.

Product name Company Package Price Buy
Cialis - Calida Asia Pharma 20 tabs, 20 mg each 77,88 USD
Viagra - Silda Asia Pharma 20 tabs, 100mg each 77,88 USD
72,60 USD

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Product name Company Package Price Buy
Boldabolic 200 Asia Pharma 10 ml vial of 200 mg/ml 183,48 USD
143,88 USD
Cypiobolic 200 Asia Pharma 10 ml vial, 200 mg/ml 170,28 USD
117,48 USD
Deca Durabolin - Decabolic 200 Asia Pharma 10 ml vial, 200 mg/ml 183,48 USD
130,68 USD
Deca Durabolin (Norma) 20x Norma 20x 2ml vial of 200mg 448,80 USD
368,28 USD
Enantbolic 250 Asia Pharma 10ml vial of 250mg/ml 183,48 USD
130,68 USD
Growth Hormone - Jintropin 4 IU GenSci 1 vial of 4 IU 33,00 USD
31,68 USD
Sustainbolic 250 Asia Pharma 10 ml vial of 250 mg/ml 183,48 USD
130,68 USD
Sustanon(Organon) 20x Organon 20 x 1 ml vial of 250 mg 448,80 USD
381,48 USD
Testosterone Depot 20x Galenika 20 x 1 ml vial of 250 mg/ml 343,20 USD
289,08 USD
Trenabolic 80 Asia Pharma 800 mg, 10 ml 170,28 USD
143,88 USD

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The following products will be available in a few weeks...

Product name Company Package Price Buy
Anadrol (Anapolone) Ibrahim Syntex 50 mg, 20 tabs 67,32 USD Out of stock
Primobolan Depot Schering 100 mg, 1 ml 21,32 USD Out of stock

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